Boiler Fuel and Air Systems

Learning objectives

  • Identify the location of the furnace within the boiler and describe how fuel and air flow affect the firing rate of the boiler
  • Describe the basic equipment found in high-pressure gas burner systems and explain their operation
  • Describe the basic components found in a typical fuel oil system
  • Describe three types of atomizing fuel oil burners and explain the operation of each type

Course overview

An operating boiler requires a controlled amount of fuel and air to safely and efficiently product steam. Understanding the equipment found in the fuel and air systems and knowing how to properly operate it is necessary to manage a boiler.

The Boiler Fuel and Air Systems training course identifies the basic equipment found in high-pressure gas and fuel oil systems. It describes fuel oil burner design and operation. This online course also discusses boiler draft and outlines the different equipment used to control draft in a boiler. This course covers:

  • Boiler firing rate
  • High-pressure gas systems
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Burner design and operation
  • Boiler draft

Boiler Fuel and Air Systems is part of the Hydrocarbon Fired Boilers training series.

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