Boiler Reliability

Learning objectives

  • Describe why controlling steam temperatures and pressure, drum level, and flow are vital to maintaining boiler reliability
  • Identify the effects of flow, level, and heat-up/cooldown rates on boiler reliability
  • Explain how operating outside established chemistry parameters can quickly reduce a boiler’s reliability
  • Describe key operational steps to help protect boilers during start-up and shutdown
  • List common permissives that must be met before a fire can be ignited in a boiler
  • Explain how tube leaks can affect boiler reliability

Course overview

When operated and maintained properly, boilers can be safe and reliable. However, many things can affect boiler reliability. Knowing and avoiding these things is an important part of ensuring the boiler is a safe and reliable power plant component.

The Boiler Reliability training course explains the importance of maintaining proper boiler parameters. It identifies several things that can decrease a boiler's reliability. This online training course covers:

  • Controlling parameters
  • Maintaining chemistry
  • Common operations
  • Emergency operations

Boiler Reliability is part of the Efficiency, Reliability, and Environmentally Sensitive Operations training series.

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