Circulating Water System Normal Operations

Learning objectives

  • List circulating water system operating parameters
  • Describe how parameters are monitored, and explain how to make minor changes and adjustments
  • Discuss circulating water system maintenance during normal operations
  • Compare the roles of the field and control room operators, and discuss the importance of coordinating their activities
  • Define cycle efficiency

Course overview

Keeping a power plant running efficiently and safely is important. Doing so depends on the circulating water system delivering a continuous supply of water to the condenser and removing waste heat from the plant. To support normal operations, operators:

  • Monitor plant conditions
  • Realign the systems for periodic maintenance
  • Operate systems to ensure safety and improve efficiency

The Circulating Water System Normal Operations training course describes how to monitor and adjust the system during normal operations. This online course covers:

  • Circulating water system parameters
  • System maintenance
  • Cycle efficiency

This course is part of the Circulating Water System training series.

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