Condensate and Feedwater Systems Operation

Learning objectives

  • Explain the five basic steps typically used to place the condensate system in service
  • Discuss considerations taken into account when initially filling the deaerator storage tank
  • Describe two methods used to fill the feedwater system
  • List four common tasks completed when putting high and low-pressure heat exchangers in service
  • Describe basic checks power plant operators routinely make on the condensate and feedwater systems

Course overview

The condensate and feedwater systems supply the boiler with preheated water. Understanding the basic startup and operation of these systems is required to safely operate power plant boilers.

The Condensate and Feedwater Systems Operation training course describes the basic procedures for startup and operation of the condensate and feedwater system. It explains:

  • Filling the condensate system
  • Filling the feedwater system
  • Normal operating checks

This course is part of the Condensate and Feedwater Systems training series.

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