Desalination: Pre- and Post-treatment of Water

Learning objectives

  • Explain why seawater is harmful to desalination systems
  • Define potable water and identify the international agency responsible for setting quality standards for potable water
  • State two factors that drive the pretreatment and post-treatment applications employed at a desalination facility
  • Discuss the process and importance of the chlorination – dechlorination – chlorination application required at reverse osmosis facilities
  • List standard pre- and post-treatment applications discussed in this lesson and describe the general purpose of each
  • State an example of when post-treatment of water is NOT required

Course overview

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to discuss industry standard pre- and post-treatment applications for desalinated water. You will also be able to discuss concerns associated with bringing seawater into a desalination system for processing, and describe specific pre- and post-treatment applications common to processing water through reverse osmosis and thermal distillation desalination systems.

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