Diesel Engines for Power Generation

Learning objectives

  • Describe the theory behind the basic operation of a diesel engine
  • Identify the major components of the diesel engine and explain the function of each
  • Describe what happens during each of the following operating cycle events:
    • Intake
    • Compression
    • Injection
    • Combustion
    • Power
    • Exhaust
  • Identify the difference between a two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engine
  • Discuss the role of the diesel generator in our society

Course overview

Diesel engines are the workhorse of today's industry. Critical infrastructure depends on them to provide uninterrupted, reliable electrical power when joined with an electric generator. Operators and managers need to understand diesel engine construction, function, and application.

The Diesel Engines for Power Generation training course describes a diesel engine's design and operation. It also explains the diesel generator's importance. This online training course covers diesel engine basics, major diesel engine components, diesel engine types, and the role of the diesel generator.

Diesel Engines for Power Generation is part of the Diesel Power Plant Operation training series.

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