Diesel Plant Routine Maintenance

Learning objectives

  • Identify the standard timeframes associated with the routine inspections of diesel plant systems
  • Explain how routine inspections affect outages and downtime
  • Describe the maintenance performed on each of the following:
    • Prime mover
    • Generator and exciters
    • Switchgear

Course overview

Manufacturers provide specific information for the use and care of their products. Their instructions come from wide experience under varying conditions and should be closely followed. Before performing any other checks, maintenance personnel should always look for signs of physical damage. Routine maintenance instructions include scheduled inspections of prime movers, generators and exciters, and switchgear. When a service or repair is needed, refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific information.

The Diesel Plant Routine Maintenance training course describes routine diesel inspections. It also discusses their contribution to safe and efficient operations. This online course focuses on:

  • When to perform inspections
  • Prime mover maintenance
  • Generator and exciter maintenance
  • Switchgear maintenance

Diesel Plant Routine Maintenance is part of the Diesel Power Plant Operations training series.

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