Diesel-Powered Generation

Learning objectives

  • Describe where, and under what circumstances, diesel powered generation is used
  • Identify benefits to society provided by a diesel powered generator
  • Discuss the importance of installing and using diesel powered generators
  • Describe the features of the most common type of generator and explain how it works

Course overview

Electric power interruptions, even short ones, create situations that could risk public health and safety. Emergency generation must immediately and reliably delver full strength electrical power when the primary power supply system fails.

The Diesel Powered Generation training course describes applications for diesel power generation. It also explains the effects generators have on society and the environment. This online training course focuses on:

  • Prime power generation
  • Where diesel powered generation is used
  • Diesel power generation features
  • DC generator components
  • DC generator operating principles

This course is part of the Diesel Power Plant Operation training series.

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