Dry Scrubber Operation

Learning objectives

  • Explain basic dry scrubber design and operation
  • Discuss designing for optimum operation
  • Describe gas cooling and the reagent system
  • Describe the baghouse material and design

Course overview

Dry scrubber air pollution control systems vary in complexity. Simple units dump a reagent into the duct in front of a conventional baghouse. Integrated systems use proprietary temperature control, reagent mixture, and specialized baghouse designs. As a result, scrubber operating efficiency varies widely.

The Dry Scrubber Operations training course explores dry scrubber design and function. It compares different installations and describes some subtle design and operation differences that may account for higher pollution removal efficiencies. This online course discusses:

  • Dry scrubber basics
  • Dry scrubber operation
  • Dry scrubber design
  • Baghouse design

Dry Scrubber Operation is part of the Fundamental Aspects of Emission Controls training series.

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