Fuel Combustion and Controls

Learning objectives

  • Explain a combustion chamber
  • Discuss the different types of fuels used
  • Explain a pulverized coal firing process
  • Explain a cyclone furnace
  • Describe a fuel oil atomizer
  • Describe an ignitor and its operation
  • Explain the different types of oil guns

Course overview

Complete combustion is important in any furnace to ensure fuel is fully consumed to achieve its peak Btu value. Any unburned fuel is a waste and costs the company efficiency and production. With fuel costs always rising, fuel controls must operate at peak performance.

The Fuel Combustion and Controls training course explains the importance of complete combustion. It also describes the components needed to make complete combustion possible. This course identifies the different fuel controls used on a pulverized unit and cyclone unit.

This online training course discusses:

  • Combustion chamber
  • Types of fuel burned
  • Pulverized coal firing
  • Cyclone furnace
  • Fuel oil atomizer
  • Oil guns

Fuel Combustion and Controls is part of the Boiler Firing Controls and Components training series.

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