Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Learning objectives

  • Identify some applications that employ fuses
  • Compare the operation of plug fuses to cartridge fuses
  • Discuss factors to consider before replacing a fuse
  • Explain the general function of a circuit breaker
  • Identify three methods of extinguishing an arc in an air circuit breaker
  • List commonly used types of circuit breakers and compare their operation

Course overview

Circuits in industrial equipment need protection from overcurrents and faults. Though simple in theory, circuit breakers and fuses serve some of the most complex roles in modern electrical systems. Unlike other devices, circuit breakers serve as both operation and protection devices, while fuses are the most reliable method of system protection available.

The Fuses and Circuit Breakers training course explains the design and function of commonly used fuses and circuit breakers. It also discusses how to protect them. This online training course explains fuse and circuit breaker construction, application, testing, and troubleshooting. It includes:

  • Fuse uses
  • Fuse replacement
  • Circuit breaker operation
  • Circuit breaker types

Fuses and Circuit Breakers is part of the Plant Electrical Systems training series.

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