Gas Turbine Fuel and Combustion Systems

Learning objectives

  • Identify types of fuels used in gas turbine compressors
  • Recall gaseous fuel system components and operations
  • Describe fuel oil skid system components and operations
  • Identify components on the fuel oil forwarding skid
  • Recall facts pertaining to combustion section designs

Course overview

The gas turbine can be one of the most valued assets in power generation. To keep the unit operating at peak efficiency, operators and technicians must have a good understanding of the fuel and combustion systems.

The Gas Turbine Fuel and Combustion System training course identifies common fuel and combustion components and their functions. This online course includes:

  • Fuel types
  • Gaseous fuel system components
  • Gaseous fuel system operation
  • Fuel oil skid components
  • Fuel oil skid operation
  • Fuel oil forwarding skid
  • Combustion section designs

This course is part of the Combustion Turbine Fundamentals training series.

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