Heavy Duty Gas Turbines – Major Components and Support Systems

Learning objectives

  • Discuss factors that drove the creation of the heavy duty gas turbine technology
  • Describe the basic compressed air and hot gas flow paths through the turbine
  • Explain the purpose of the inlet air guide vanes
  • Discuss the relationship between turbine output energy and the compressor energy consumption
  • Explain the purpose of a regenerator
  • Describe the fuel delivery system for a heavy duty gas turbine
  • Describe the lube oil system for a heavy duty gas turbine and how it functions

Course overview

Gas or combustion turbines convert thermal energy to mechanical energy by fuel combustion. It takes in air, compresses it, adds fuel for combustion, then exhausts the gases. Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Major Component and Support Systems online training provides an overview of these turbines. It discusses the motivation behind the heavy gas turbine development and describes its base components and general operation.

Heavy Duty Gas Turbines includes the turbine history, basic heavy duty design, flow path, components, exhaust, and lube oil. This course is part of the Combustion Turbine Fundamentals series.

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