Horizontal Wind Turbine Design and Operation

Learning objectives

  • Describe five key components common to horizontal wind turbines
  • Identify the two most common types of blades
  • Discuss the type of generator most commonly used in wind turbines
  • Describe how pitch-controlled blades control wind turbine speed
  • Explain the purpose of the yaw mechanism

Course overview

Horizontal wind turbines, used to produce electricity, operate and respond to various wind conditions. Understanding basic wind turbine components and their operation is necessary for successful operation.

The Horizontal Wind Turbine Design and Operation training course explains how wind flowing over the blades causes the turbine rotor to turn. It also describes wind turbine component operation and discusses how wind turbines are controlled. This online training course focuses on:

  • Towers and blades
  • Transmission and generator
  • Wind turbine control

Horizontal Wind Turbine Design and Operation is part of the Wind Energy training series.

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