HRSG Basic Operating Concerns and Conditions

Learning objectives

  • Explain important steps during startup, shutdown, and normal operations
  • Explain the need for maintaining steam flow during the startup process
  • State why the operating environment of the HRSG is important
  • Describe why the use of vents and drains ensures steam quality
  • Identify what shutdown conditions would modify the shutdown procedure
  • Recall why and how pressure and temperature affect the life expectancy of the HRSG
  • Explain how pressure is created during the steam production process
  • Explain how pressure and temperature are controlled in the steam systems
  • Define cycling
  • Identify what components are most susceptible to failure when cycling
  • Explain and define:
    • Stress corrosion cracking
    • Fatigue corrosion cracking
    • Thermal fatigue
    • Creep

Course overview

The successful operation of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HSRG) depends on operators following specific procedures and monitoring multiple parameters. The HRSG - Basic Operating Concerns and Conditions training course examines the startup and shutdown procedures for HSRG and its auxiliary systems. It also discusses normal operating checks.

This online training course explains the steps for startup. shutdown, and normal operations. It also covers conditions that may cause concern during operations. HSRG - Basic Operating Concerns and Conditions is part of the Combined Cycle Power Plant Operations series.

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