Hydroelectric Generators

Learning objectives

  • Examine the design characteristics of the penstock, scroll case, and suction tube
  • Describe the wicket gate operations
  • Characterize a number of turbine types and their uses
  • Describe guide and thrust bearings
  • Identify stators and generator supports
  • Explain generator operations

Course overview

The Hydroelectric Generators training course identifies and describes operations of the hydroelectric power generator and the components of the lower unit. This online training course examines:

  • Penstock, scroll case, pre-distributor, and suction tube
  • Governor
  • Wicket gates
  • Guide and thrust bearings
  • Turning head cover
  • Turbines
  • Generator and supports
  • Generator operations

Hydroelectric Generators is part of the Hydraulic Power Plant Operations training series.

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