Introduction to Combustion Air and Flue Gas Systems

Learning objectives

  • Describe the indications of incomplete combustion
  • Define flash point
  • Describe primary and secondary air and the fans associated with them
  • Describe the following components of the flue gas system:
    • Air preheater
    • Dust collector
    • Soot blower

Course overview

Combustion air is used to efficiently burn fuels in boiler applications. When fuel burns, it travels through the flue gas system. The Introduction to Combustion Air and Flue Gas Systems training course introduces these systems and their contribution to efficient electricity generation.

This online course describes how the combustion system works and provides a working knowledge of combustion and flue gas systems. Topics included are combustion air, combustion principles, primary and secondary air characteristics, forced draft and induced draft fans, air preheaters, and dust collection techniques.

This course is part of the Combustion Air and Flue Gas System series.

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