Introduction to GE Frame Series Gas Turbines

Learning objectives

  • Recall the driving factor for the creation of F-series gas turbine technology
  • Identify the primary differences between the Frame 7 gas turbine and its predecessors
  • Describe the basic components and flow paths through the Frame 7 gas turbine
  • Explain the purpose of the inlet air guide vanes
  • Recall the relationship between turbine output energy and the compressor energy consumption
  • Explain the purpose of a regenerator

Course overview

As discussed in the previous course, General Electric Company (GE) has developed a fleet of gas turbines serving many different applications. Understanding the components and design of the F-series gas turbine is necessary to distinguish it from others within GE's fleet.

The Introduction to the GE Frame Series Gas Turbine training course discusses why the F-series gas turbine was developed. This course describes the Frame 7 gas turbine's design, basic components, and general operation. This course is part of the Combustion Turbine Fundamentals training series

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