Power Plant Shutdown Procedures

Learning objectives

  • Describe the common sequence of steps to remove a pulverizer from service for an extended period of time
  • Describe the basic steps followed to take each of the following out of service:
    • Scrubber
    • Steam turbine
    • Generator
  • Explain how a power plant is prepared for an annual outage

Course overview

As discussed in the previous course, safe and effective power plant shutdowns require interaction between plant operators who have a complete understanding of plant systems.

The Power Plant Shutdown Procedures training course focuses on the operating procedures and equipment knowledge needed to safely and effectively shut down a power plant. It describes the steps associated with taking a fossil-fired fuel plant off-line. It also explains how operators prepare a plant for an annual outage. This online course covers:

  • Shutting down the boiler
  • Shutting down the turbine/generator
  • Preparing the plant for maintenance

This course is part of the Unit Startup and Shutdown training series.

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