Preparing for Power Plant Shutdowns

Learning objectives

  • List and define the three classifications of power plant shutdowns
  • Discuss the purpose of blowing soot and removing ash from the boiler
  • Discuss coal system preparations completed prior to a scheduled shutdown
  • Explain what four conditions must simultaneously exist while reducing the firing rate of a boiler
  • Describe each of the basic tasks associated with ramping-down a turbine/generator

Course overview

Power plant shutdown, much like startup, is a complicated task that needs planning and preparation from plant operators. The Preparing for Power Plant Shutdown training course focuses on the operating procedures and equipment knowledge needed for a safe and effective shutdown. It describes the basic tasks that must be performed on plant equipment before a shutdown. This course focuses on:

  • Defining power plant shutdowns
  • Preparing the boiler for shutdown
  • Reducing load on the turbine/generator

This online course is part of the Unit Startup and Shutdown training series.

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