Reverse Osmosis

Learning objectives

  • State the main purpose of reverse osmosis technology
  • Discuss the scientific principles of osmosis and osmotic pressure
  • State the purpose of high pressure pumps in a reverse osmosis system
  • Identify the main components of a spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane
  • Describe the construction of spiral wound membranes and discuss how they separate permeate and concentrate from feedwater
  • Describe the construction and purpose of a reverse osmosis vessel
  • Discuss the flow of saline water through a reverse osmosis system from intake to collection
  • Discuss the purpose of energy recovery systems used in a reverse osmosis desalination system
  • Describe the purpose of reverse osmosis pre- and post-treatment applications
  • Calculate permeate recovery percentage and describe factors that can affect this percentage

Course overview

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to discuss the scientific principles on which reverse osmosis (RO) technology is based and explain the primary function of a reverse osmosis desalination system. You will also be able to identify the key components of a typical reverse osmosis system, with an emphasis on membrane technology, and describe the importance of permeate recovery percentage.

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