Start-up Procedures for the Boiler Water and Steam Systems

Learning objectives

  • Examine initial conditions
  • Describe boiler feed pump operations
  • Describe and perform start-up procedures

Course overview

The Startup Procedures for Boiler Water and Steam Systems training course presents the startup procedures for these systems. Startup begins by assessing the systems' initial conditions and ensuring those conditions meet the design standards identified in the plant's operating manual. The second step is starting the boiler feed pumps and ensuring their proper function. A specific order of operations and many specifications cause the boiler to roll online. A comprehensive walk-down of the boiler's water and steam systems completes the startup.

This online course identifies and explains the general startup procedures for a boiler's steam and water cycle. It covers:

  • Initial conditions
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Startup procedures

This course is part of the Boiler Water and Steam Systems training series.

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