Steam Turbine Basics

Learning objectives

  • Describe the role of the steam turbine in power plant operations
  • Describe the basic design of turbine rotor bearings
  • Identify the purpose of the stationary blades
  • Identify the function of the main steam stop valves
  • Describe the purpose of the steam chest and control valves
  • Identify the primary function of the turbine lube oil system
  • Describe the role of the emergency lube oil pump

Course overview

The steam turbine is the workhorse of the power plant. Its ability to drive the large generators found in fired-boiler, combined-cycle, and nuclear power plants makes the steam turbine crucial to electrical power production. Steam from the power plant is provided to the steam turbine at a high temperature and pressure, The steam contains enough energy to rotate the turbine and generator connected to it inside the turbine.

The Steam Turbine Design training course explains the role the steam turbine plays in power plant operations. This online training course discusses:

  • Basic steam turbine design
  • Steam turbine valves
  • Turbine lube oil system

Steam Turbine Design is part of the Power Generation training series.

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