Coker Operations

Learning objectives

    • Discuss thermal cracking and its use in the coking unit
    • Describe the three types of coking units
      • Delayed coker
      • Flexicoker
      • Fluid coker
    • Discuss the process and equipment used in the delayed coker unit
    • Identify the inputs and outputs of the delayed coker unit

Course overview

Large-scale refineries often have coker units, the most extreme unit for upgrading resid and slurry. By operating a coker, refineries can process cheaper heavy crudes, which are high in bottoms or resids. They convert them into higher yields of more usable and valuable light products or petroleum coke. Refineries with coker units can process a large majority of crude oil fractions with little to no product waste.

The Coker Operations training course defines a coker unit and describes its inputs and outputs. This online course also identifies coker unit processes and components.

Coker Operations is part of the Refinery Operations training series.

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