Fluid Catalytic Cracker

Learning objectives

  • Discuss cracking and the catalysts used in fluid catalytic cracking
  • Discuss the major components that make up the fluid catalytic cracking unit
  • Describe the process of fluid catalytic cracker
  • Identify the inputs and product outputs of fluid catalytic cracker

Course overview

Like the catalytic reformer, the fluid catalytic cracker, or FCC unit, is a conversion unit. It is capable of transforming less desirable, heavy distillation fractions into lighter products such as FCC gasoline. The FCC is an important unit for generating products to use in alkylation units and in blending residual fuel oil and diesel.

The Fluid Catalytic Cracker training course defines what a fluid cracker is. It discusses the principles of cracking and describes the catalytic cracking process and components. This online training course focuses on:

  • Cracking and catalyst bursts
  • Fluid catalytic cracking unit
  • Inputs and outputs

Fluid Catalytic Cracker is part of the Refinery Operations training series.

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