Gasoline Blending

Learning objectives

  • Explain the basics of gasoline blending
  • Discuss the different blendstocks and additives used in gasoline blending
  • Describe the processes of gasoline blending
  • Discuss common blending quality concerns in gasoline blends

Course overview

Gasoline blending is one of the most important and economic drivers of refinery operations. Most gasoline that comes from crude oil refining is unfinished. It must undergo a series of further refining and blending before it is ready for use in automobiles and other combustion engines.

The Gasoline Blending training course describes the various processes behind gasoline blending and why it plays such a vital role in petroleum refining. This online course discusses the process to blend gasoline. It explains the significance of octane and gasoline additives in the gasoline blending process. This course covers:

  • Gasoline blending basics
  • Gasoline blendstock sources
  • Gasoline blending and quality process

Gasoline Blending is part of the Refinery Operations training series.

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