History of Refining

Learning objectives

  • Explain how and why kerosene replaced whale oil
  • Discuss causes of the emergence of the gasoline market
  • Describe how the CAA Amendments of 1970 affected refining processes
  • Identify some effects of oil industry deregulation
  • Discuss the effects of the vapor pressure regulations of 1989 and 1992
  • Describe how the CAA Amendments of 1990 affected refining processes

Course overview

How did modern oil refineries evolve into what they are today? The History of Refining training course gives a brief history of oil refining. It explores the development and evolution of some of the various refining processes still in use. This online training course provides a general overview of the crude oil processing evolution from 1846 to present day. It includes:

  • Whale oil to kerosene
  • Gasoline becomes king
  • Clean Air Act amendments of 1970
  • Regulations in the 1980s
  • Clean Air Act amendments of 1990
  • Refining today

History of Refining is part of the Petroleum Refining training series.

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