OSHAs Process Safety Management Standard

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the purpose of the PSM standard
  • Describe the type of process safety information required under the PSM standard
  • List the points included in a process hazard analysis
  • Identify the types of operating procedures that fall under the PSM standard requirements
  • Discuss the training requirements under the PSM standard
  • Describe how the PSM standard relates to contractors
  • Identify what is included in a PSM pre-start-up safety review
  • Describe requirements to comply with PSM mechanical integrity standards
  • Explain what is meant by management of change procedures under PSM
  • Describe PSM incident investigation and emergency planning and response provisions
  • Discuss PSM compliance audit requirements

Course overview

In 1992, OSHA issued its Process Safety Management (PSM) standard. The standard affects industries, such as refineries, that work with hazardous chemicals. The OSHA's Process Safety Management Standard training course identifies the standard's main components. It also explains its objectives. This online training course covers:

  • The PSM standard
  • Process safety information
  • Process hazard analysis and employee participation
  • Operating procedures and training
  • Contractors
  • Pre-startup safety review and hot work
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Changes, incidents, and emergencies
  • Compliance audits and trade secrets

OSHA's Process Safety Management Standard is part of the Petroleum Refining training series.

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