Start-up; Normal Operation and Shutdown of a Distillation Column

Learning objectives

  • Important factors to monitor during normal operation of a distillation column
  • Define the following terms:
    • Feedpoint
    • Flash
    • Rectification
    • Stripping
  • Describe the steps of the startup of a distillation column
  • Recognize the steps of the shutdown of a distillation column

Course overview

Distillation columns have varying procedures for their startup, normal operation, and shutdown. The type of distillation the column performs determines the procedures. Operators can run the distillation column safely and efficiently when they know the procedures.

The Operation of a Distillation Column training course describes the startup, normal operation, and shutdown of a typical distillation column. This online course also explains the pre-startup safety review and an emergency column shutdown.

Operation of a Distillation Column is part of the Distillation series.

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