Testing Principles and Procedures

Learning objectives

  • Explain distillation testing
  • Explain specific gravity testing
  • Explain API gravity testing
  • Explain mass spectrometry testing
  • Explain gas chromatograph testing
  • Explain testing for vapor pressure
  • Explain BSW testing
  • Explain testing for H2S and mercaptans
  • Explain pH testing
  • Explain conductivity testing
  • Explain color testing
  • Explain viscosity testing
  • Explain cloud and pour point testing
  • Explain flash and smoke point testing

Course overview

Plants use tests and analyses to determine the quality and performance characteristics of oil, gas, and various other products. Plant operating manuals typically have detailed descriptions of local test procedures. Several hundred chemical, physical, and performance tests have been adopted as industry standards for product specifications. This course covers some of the more common ones.

The Testing Principles and Procedures training course describes how tests are used to ensure on-specification quality products. It explains common chemical and physical tests performed on products to ensure this quality. This online course is part of the Sampling and Testing training series.

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