General Concepts and Job Briefings

Learning objectives

  • Recall the circumstances in which OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269 applies
  • Identify the training employers are responsible for providing under this regulation
  • Recall examples of existing characteristics and conditions relating to installations
  • Recall the roles and responsibilities for information transfer
  • Define a job briefing
  • Identify topics covered in a job briefing
  • Recall the requirements for Number of briefings, Extent of briefings, and Working alone

Course overview

For safety and efficiency, most electrical work is done by a team or at least two people. However, in some circumstances, a technician may end up working on electrical lines or equipment on their own. Regardless of the job size, familiarity with general safety concepts for power generation, transmission, and generation can help technicians complete their work safely.

The General Concepts and Job Briefings training course discusses general safety concepts while performing electrical work. It also highlights job briefings and how they can help a worker avoid accidents. This online training course is part of the Qualified Electric Worker training series.

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