Operator Fatigue

Learning objectives

  • Define operator fatigue
  • Define circadian rhythm
  • Recognize the symptoms of operator fatigue
  • Recall the causes of operator fatigue
  • Identify ways to manage operator fatigue

Course overview

Operator fatigue has been found to play a role in many industrial accidents. Operator fatigue is often cited as ""unfitness for duty,"" meaning the operator was not physically or mentally ready to accomplish their tasks. Though usually not the only factor in industrial accidents, it has historically played a role in impairing judgement and compromising an operator's alertness.

The Operator Fatigue training course identifies the symptoms of operator fatigue and explains its:

  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Indications
  • Management

Operator Fatigue is part of the Worksite Safety training series.

  • Training Type: Interactive
  • English
Course Outline
  • Lesson overview
  • What is operator fatigue?
  • Causes of operator fatigue
  • Effects of operator fatigue
  • Indications of operator fatigue
  • Management of operator fatigue
  • Lesson summary
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