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Safety in a healthcare environment is avoiding both short and long term harm to people resulting from unsafe practices and preventable adverse events. This definition does not differentiate among patients, their families, staff and licensed independent practitioners, visitors, vendors and contractors.

Healthcare organizations should establish a proactive, systematic organization wide approach to safety training and safety performance improvement interventions that reduce harm to patients and healthcare workers.

Safety assessments can reveal safety issues that concern healthcare staff most, leading to the development of proactive risk prevention programs. Surveys and interviews can help prioritize safety risks, and to design improvement strategies, which can include a personal safety program.

OSHA’s alliance with The Joint Commission provides information on how to help protect the safety and health of healthcare workers. The alliance address ways to reduce and prevent worker exposure to physical, chemical, biological and airborne hazards in healthcare and how to address emergency preparedness. It also focuses on helping the healthcare industry recognize the close link between improving patient safety and improving worker safety.

Our Medical Mandatory collection helps healthcare organizations align safety programs with The Joint Commission recommendations.

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