Drone Operation Compliance and Safety

Learning objectives

  • Recall key information about drones, their potential uses, and factors that determine operating requirements.
  • Identify the standard requirements for operating a drone, including preflight documentation, preflight checks, and inflight precautions.
  • Outline the requirements and guidelines that apply to non-standard drone sizes and circumstances.

Course overview

This course will familiarize you with the requirements for operating a drone on university grounds or as part of a university-affiliated project. It will address standard preflight documentation, safety checks, and inflight precautions, as well as circumstances to which non-standard requirements apply.

Target Audience:

The audience for this course includes university staff and students who may use drones for research or other purposes.

  • Training Type: Online Interactive
  • 16 Minutes
  • English
Course Outline
  • Drone Basics and Regulatory Factors
  • Standard Operating Requirements
  • Non-Standard Requirements and Guidelines
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