Concrete and Masonry

Learning objectives

  • Describe construction loads and methods for reinforcing concrete structures.
  • Identify safety requirements for concrete carrying and storage equipment, as well as various tools and pieces of equipment used during concrete and masonry work.
  • Explain additional practices (e.g., lockout/tagout, use of PPE) that will help keep you safe during concrete and masonry work.
  • Explain how to properly use and remove formwork.
  • Describe how to properly use and inspect shoring and reshoring and reinforcing steel.
  • List the general requirements for pre-cast concrete.
  • Describe lift slab operations and their safety requirements, including the proper use of jacking equipment and safety practices for employees working near jacking operations.
  • List the rules for creating a limited access zone and applying bracing in masonry construction.

Course overview

This lesson covers the general requirements for safely performing concrete and masonry work, as well as specific requirements related to working with cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete and lift-slab operations and masonry construction.

  • Training Type: Interactive
  • 19 minutes
  • English, Spanish
Course Outline
  • General Requirements
  • Cast-in-Place and Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Lift-Slab Operations and Masonry Construction
  • Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part. 1926.700
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