HAZWOPER - Decontamination

Learning objectives

  • Explain decontamination, which items need to be decontaminated, the factors that influence the extent of decontamination, and the elements of a decontamination plan
  • Recognize decontamination methods, testing, hazards, and procedures
  • Identify decontamination zones, station elements, PPE, equipment, and disposal methods

Course overview

This lesson covers how decontamination planning, methods, procedures, and facilities help ensure worksite contaminants are removed from you and your worksite equipment.

  • Training Type: Interactive
  • 20 Minutes
  • English
Course Outline
  • All About Decontamination
  • Methods and Procedures
  • Decontamination Logistics
  • Occupational Safety and Health Association, HAZWOPER, Decontamination
  • 1910.120 - Hazardous waste operations and emergency response
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