Active Shooter Response*

Active Shooter Response*

Learning objectives

  • Define an active shooter event.
  • Identify ways that you can prepare for an active shooter event.
  • Identify actions you can take to protect yourself and care for others during an active shooter event.

Course overview

In this lesson, employees will learn what an active shooter event is, who is at increased risk in an active shooter event, the planning, training, and preparation steps to survive an active shooter event, the physiological reactions in an active shooter event, how to recognize an active shooter event, how to respond to an active shooter event occurring, what to do after an active shooter event occurs, and resources for additional information on preparation for an active shooter event.

Go more in-depth with the HSI AVERT Active Shooter and Bleeding Control training
The online course on this page is a primer video. For more in-depth and in-person training, HSI offers Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT). With AVERT, you’ll go beyond active shooter response training by also learning how to control life-threatening bleeding. AVERT is appropriate for organizations of all sizes and types. Learn more about active shooter response training >>

* This course is an additional fee, and is not part of the standard HSI course pricing tiers. Please speak with a specialist to determine pricing of this course.

  • 17 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English , Spanish
Course Outline
  • Active Shooter Basics
  • Be Aware and Prepare
  • Respond to an Active Shooter Event
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