523-03 - Boiler Fuel System Startup

523-03 - Boiler Fuel System Startup

Course overview

When the boiler fuel system is started, each component must be set for operation. The procedure for starting the boiler fuel system begins with ensuring the seal air, pulverizer and feeder components are operational and set for the desired capacity. The oil and lubrication systems must also be checked for operation before starting the pulverizers and completing the feeder permissives. Coordinating these procedures with operators in the control room ensures a safe and efficient startup of the boiler fuel system.

The Boiler Fuel System Startup training course explains standard procedures for initiating the boiler fuel system components during startup. It focuses on:

  • Seal air, pulverizers, and feeders
  • Lubrication and bearing oil levels
  • Starting the pulverizers
  • Feeder start permissives

This online training course is part of the Boiler Fuel Systems training series.

  • 20 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English
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