417-05 - Breaker Specific Maintenance

417-05 - Breaker Specific Maintenance

Course overview

While all breakers are subject to general maintenance tasks, each classification also has specific needs to maintain operating conditions. Before performing maintenance, all technicians must be familiar with tasks specific to air, vacuum, oil, or gas breakers because of the different extinguishing mediums in each.

The Breaker Specific Maintenance training course explains how to complete breaker-specific maintenance tasks to maximize breaker life and maintain system stability. This online training course focuses on:

  • General air-magnetic and vacuum breaker tasks
  • Air-magnetic breaker specific tasks
  • Vacuum breaker specific tasks
  • Oil breaker specific tasks
  • Gas-blast breaker specific tasks
  • Air-blast breaker specific tasks

Breaker Specific Maintenance is part of the Switchgear Maintenance training series.

  • 40 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English
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