350-01 - Elements of System Protection

350-01 - Elements of System Protection

Course overview

System protection is monitoring system parameters to identify abnormal and unacceptable conditions, taking appropriate action, and assessing the action's effectiveness. Monitoring system parameters, identifying abnormalities, and isolating portions of the system under fault conditions requires specialized equipment. Depending on the fault type, the system uses different identification and isolation methods.

The Elements of System Protection training course explains the fundamental principles of system protection. It discusses basic equipment and methods deployed to meet protection principles. This online course covers:

  • Protection device and scheme application
  • Breaker and relay basics
  • Zones of protection and relay identification
  • Relay control circuits
  • Testing and coordination

This course is part of the Elements of System Protection training series. This course is applicable to NERC standard PRC-001.

  • 50 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English
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