Laser Safety

Learning objectives

  • Explain the purpose and components of a laser safety program and the importance of following laser safety procedures
  • Identify the types of lasers used in labs and maker spaces as well as the hazards associated with them
  • Describe administrative and engineering controls that reduce the risks of laser usage
  • Identify operating practices and procedures that reduce the risks of laser usage

Course overview

Lasers are a great tool to work with in the lab, however, laser implements and other devices incorporating lasers must be used with a healthy respect for accompanying dangers to mitigate risk, students ,faculty, and staff require proper safety knowledge and training.

Because lasers are dangerous and can lead to bodily harm, this course provides lab participants with essential information needed to work safely and avoid exposure to the harmful effects of lasers. The course covers a basic intro to laser safety as well as a more in depth look into the hazards of lasers, along with different controls that can be applied to labs in order to stop the risk of injury.

The goal of this course is to protect campus laboratory communities from preventable harm.

  • 25 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English , Spanish
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Laser Safety
  • Laser Basics and Hazards
  • Engineering Controls
  • Administrative and Procedural Controls
  • 29 CFR 1910.132 Personal Protective Equipment, General Requirements
  • 29 CFR 1910.132 Personal Protective Equipment, Eye and Face Protection
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