417-03 - Medium and High Voltage Switchgear

417-03 - Medium and High Voltage Switchgear

Course overview

In addition to low voltage switchgear common to generation and distribution buses, high and medium switchgears are vital at all power system switching points. Medium and high voltage switchgears cover a range of 3.3 kV to 800 kV. This voltage range is used in transmission and distribution systems to transmit and convert system voltage. Understanding design and application of these assets is essential to power system operation.

The Medium and High Voltage Switchgear training course identifies the technical details associated with construction and operation of high and medium-voltage switchgears. This course includes:

  • Medium and high voltage operating mechanisms
  • Switchgear considerations
  • MV switchgear applications

This course is part of the Switchgear Maintenance training series.

  • 20 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English
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