OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety*

Course overview

Each year, more employees are training online to earn OSHA Outreach Program certification for Construction and General Industry. Now the same successful programs are available online for both OSHA 10 and OSHA 30.

If you are a supervisor or foreman on a construction site, your job is to make sure everything goes according to plan. This includes safety.

Get a more in-depth construction safety training experience with HSI’s 30-hour OSHA construction course. This course will help keep your company in compliance and prevent accidents or fines under your watch.

HSI is bringing the convenience of online safety training for OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 straight to a computer near you.

How does it work?

Simply call 833-438-6742 or click on the "Buy Now" button above to purchase. You will receive login information to complete your training online. Upon completion, you can print your certificate in the interim of receiving your DOL-OSHA card in 2-3 weeks.

Note: Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers sign and mail OSHA 10-Hour cards to students who successfully complete this course.

Provided by Summit Training Source, An HSI Company.

* This course is an additional fee, and is not part of the standard HSI course pricing tiers. Please speak with a specialist to determine pricing of this course.

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  • 30 hours
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English , Spanish
Course Outline
  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Intro to Personal Safety
  • Behavior-Based Safety
  • Process Safety Management
  • Workplace Hazard Recognition
  • Incident Investigation
  • OSHA Work-Related Injury and Illness Recordkeeping
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Construction Fall Protection
  • Scaffold Safety
  • Electrical Safety: General Awareness
  • Electrical Safety: Hazards, Controls, and Best Practices
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Best Practices
  • Overhead and Gantry Crane Safety
  • Mobile and Elevating Work Platforms: Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety
  • Dropped and Fallen Objects
  • Intro to Caught-In or Between
  • Excavation: Trenching and Shoring Safety
  • PPE: Fundamentals
  • PPE: Head Protection
  • PPE: Eye and Face Protection
  • PPE: Hearing Protection
  • PPE: Hand Protection
  • PPE: Foot Protection
  • PPE: Respiratory Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Compressed Gas Safety
  • Silica Hazards
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Eye Safety
  • Stairway Hazards
  • Ladder Safety
  • Mobile Ladder Safety
  • Confined Space Entry: Permit Required
  • Rigging Safety
  • Conveyor Safety
  • Hazard Communication
  • Workplace Signs, Labels, and Tags
  • Chemical Safety
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Emergency and Fire Preparedness
  • Extinguisher Safety
  • Extinguishers Monthly Inspections
  • Forklift – Fundamentals
  • Forklift – Safe Driving
  • Forklift – Load Handling
  • Forklift – Load Handling
  • Forklift – Stability and Capacity
  • Forklift – Inspection and Maintenance
  • Powered Industrial Truck Safety
  • Winter Weather Driving
  • Asbestos Hazard Awareness
  • Lead Awareness
  • Intro to Combustible Dust Hazards
  • Formaldehyde Safety
  • Intro to Spray Finishing Hazards
  • Intro to Hexavalent Chromium Hazards
  • Intro to Benzene Hazards
  • Intro to Beryllium Hazards
  • Flammable Liquid Safety
  • Intro to Cadmium Safety
  • Employee Safety Orientation
  • Back Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Fatigue and Stress Awareness
  • Cold, Flu, and Transmissible Illness Prevention
  • Mosquito, Tick, and Vector-Borne Illnesses
  • Workplace Cleanliness
  • Hand Safety
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety
  • Machine Guarding
  • Hot Work
  • Cold Stress
  • Heat Stress
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Earthquake Preparedness
  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Tornado Preparedness
  • Traffic Control Flagger
  • OSHA - 29 CFR 1926

OSHA Policies

  • OSHA has issued a policy that limits all OSHA Outreach Training (classroom and online) to a maximum of 7.5 hours training per day in all OSHA 30-Hour courses. As a result, all 30-Hour courses must be delivered over a minimum of four days.
  • OSHA has also issued a policy of Program Jurisdiction Restrictions. Outreach Training Programs are now limited to OSHA Jurisdiction only. Student course completion cards can only be issued for students within U.S. jurisdiction (the 50 States and certain U.S. Territories).

OSHA recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers. Workers must receive additional training, when required by OSHA standards, on the specific hazards of their job. See Learning Objectives for more detail.

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