EWT - Testing and Test Facilities

Learning objectives

  • Identify the situations and conditions under which the testing and test facilities rules apply
  • Explain how guarding of a test area is accomplished
  • Identify appropriate grounding practices to be used during testing and within a testing facility
  • Explain the appropriate practices regarding control and measuring circuits in a testing facility
  • Describe the appropriate safety checks for testing facilities
  • Identify the safety training required for employees performing testing

Course overview

The goal of this lesson is to provide awareness training for electrical workers about safety procedures to be followed when using permanent or field testing facilities.
  • 19 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Guarding of Test Areas
  • Grounding Practices
  • Test Equipment and Wiring
  • Safety Checks
  • Safety Training
  • 29 CFR Subpart R Special Industries, 1910.269 Section (o) Testing and test facilities
  • 29 CFR Subpart V Electric Power Transmission and Distribution 1926.963 Testing and test facilities Note: In the new rules, OSHA copied the 1910.269 rules for testing facilities to the construction standard so the separate sets of rules (269 for operations and 1926 for construction) would be identical.
  • 29 CFR Subpart R Special Industries, 1910.269 Section (a)(2) Training
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