803-02 - Threading and Tapping

803-02 - Threading and Tapping

Learning objectives

  • Describe the design and function of a tap
  • Identify types of taps
  • Explain the procedure for hand tapping
  • Describe the design and function of a die
  • Explain how to cut threads with a hand die
  • Describe the design and function of a die nut
  • Identify accessories used in machine threading

Course overview

Taps, dies, and die nuts are cutting and threading tools used to cut new threads or repair damaged threads in a workplace. They can be operated by hand or mounted on a machine.

The Threading and Tapping training course focuses on taps and dies used in an industrial facility. It describes taps, dies, and die nuts and explains how they are used in threading operations. This online training course reviews:

  • Hand tapping procedures
  • Using hand dies
  • Machine threading

Threading and Tapping is part of the Layout and Bench Work training series.

  • 50 minutes
  • Format: Online Interactive
  • English
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