Andy Burch, NCSO

Manager of Training Services


In this video, Andy shares some insights into his career, current position, and past accomplishments.

With over 20 years of experience, Andy is responsible for online and instructor-led training for system operators, as well as developing and incorporating transmission and distribution simulation into training content.

Andy is a NERC Certified System Operator (NCSO) and ensures the HSI NERC Certification Program is updated with current NERC Standards. Andy maintains “a training program should be built from the bottom up, just like a house. You must start with a strong foundation, train on the fundamentals, and then build on this knowledge and experience.

Andy manages the classroom instructors as they design, facilitate, and deliver results-oriented training programs that are aligned with utility company objectives. He also assists in establishing compliance systems, monitors regulatory developments, and responds to clients’ daily training questions.


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