Content Release for April 2023

New and Updated Content

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Coworkers
  • Working Well With Everyone
  • Workplace Culture
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Supporting LGBTQ+ Coworkers

Members of the LGBTQ+ community often find it challenging and uncomfortable to share their true selves at work. In this 7-part series, we talk about ways to be sensitive, supportive, and welcoming to our LGBTQ+ coworkers. We've added three new courses and updated four programs in this series from our Workplace Culture topic. (Series previously titled LGBTQ in the Workplace)

Course Titles

  1. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  2. Understanding Pronouns
  3. Being an LGBTQ+ Ally
  4. Coming Out at Work
  5. Navigating a Gender Transition at Work
  6. Supporting a Coworker Coming Out
  7. Supporting a Transitioning Coworker

Library: Business Skills

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Working Well With Everyone

This popular 5-part series from our Workplace Culture topic has been revamped and covers the many benefits of having a diverse workforce. We discuss the mistake of stereotyping, the power of inclusion, and more.

Course Titles

  1. What Is Diversity?
  2. Diversity by Design
  3. The Mistake of Stereotyping
  4. The Power of Inclusion
  5. Diversity = Greatness

Library: Business Skills

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Workplace Culture

This month, we've added several new courses to our Workplace Culture topic, including ones covering ways to support coworkers who are on the autism spectrum or are living with ADHD. We developed programs that discuss intersectionality at work and the importance of embracing candor. We also updated the course titled People-First Language.

Course Titles

  • People-First Language
  • Understanding Intersectionality at Work
  • Embracing Candor
  • Supporting Coworkers with ADHD
  • Supporting Coworkers on the Autism Spectrum

Library: Business Skills

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