Content Release for November 2022

New and Updated Content

  • Making Direct Store Deliveries
  • Bank Secrecy Act Basics
  • Bank Secrecy Act for Managers
  • Bank Secrecy Act for Frontline Employees
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Making Direct Store Deliveries

We've added four new courses to our Direct Store Delivery topic. This series talks about the DSD business model and the ins and outs of making direct store deliveries. We also demonstrate how to correctly handle products and implement best practices.

Course Titles

  • The DSD Business Model
  • Handling Products
  • Making Deliveries
  • The Ins and Outs of Making Direct Store Deliveries

Library: Direct Store Delivery

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Bank Secrecy Act Basics

We've updated this four-part series from our Banking topic covering the basics of the Bank Secrecy Act. We've also added a new course that explains the requirements and purpose of the act.

Course Titles

  • Overview of the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Money Laundering 101
  • Components of a Money Laundering Operation
  • Requirements and Purpose of the Bank Secrecy Act

Library: Banking

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Bank Secrecy Act for Managers

Also from our Banking topic, we've updated our series on the Bank Secrecy Act for Managers. We cover money laundering risk factors, money services businesses, and more. This eight-part series includes a new course that details the requirements of the BSA compliance program.

Course Titles

  • Money Laundering Risk Factors
  • BSA Compliance Program Requirements
  • Wire Transfers and Money Laundering
  • Money Services Businesses
  • Exceptions to the Rule
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • True Stories of Money Laundering
  • USA PATRIOT Act and Information Sharing Requests

Library: Banking

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Bank Secrecy Act for Frontline Employees

This updated series dives into the Bank Secrecy Act for employees working on the frontline. In these courses, we discuss Currency Transaction Reports, Suspicious Activity Reports, Customer Information Programs, and much more. This six-part series can be found in our Banking topic.

Course Titles

  • What Are Currency Transaction Reports?
  • Filing Currency Transaction Reports
  • Suspicious Activity Reports
  • Customer Information Programs
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Review of Money Laundering Activities

Library: Banking

Rsz bsa for frontline employees

Course Title Changes

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