Critical Observation

View microlearning training videos supporting critical observation themes.

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Unconscious Bias: What is Unconscious Bias?

Painter Benjamin Haydon said, "Fortunately for serious minds, a bias recognized is a bias sterilized." Whether we'd like to admit it or not, we all have biases. You're probably not even aware of some of yours. In this course, we look at how they are formed, what they can look like, and why it's so important to gain "consciousness."

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Performance Excellence: The 5 Whys

The 5 Whys is a tool that can be used to determine the root cause of a problem. This tool can be used as a stand-alone, but it is also often used during the Analyze phase of a larger Six Sigma project. The tool is easy to administer because it does not require statistical analysis or data collection like other root cause tools. It does not require a large budget and does not keep employees away from their other responsibilities. It relies simply on asking "why" questions until a root cause is discovered. So, in summary, we are literally asking "why" five times to determine what process is broken.

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