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Email Etiquette: To Email or Not to Email

We often default to email because we can get it anywhere. It’s on our desktop, laptop, phones, tablets, and watches! It’s become our “go to” for communication, but email isn’t always the best way to communicate. There’s still value in meeting face-to-face or talking over the phone, and there’s still risk in communicating without the help of nonverbal cues and voice tone. In this program, we’ll discuss the different things that you need to consider before drafting an email.

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This vs. That: Persistent vs. Pestering

You’ve likely been in a situation where you’re waiting on something from someone else to complete your own task. You may casually check in for a status update. Meanwhile, your boss is asking you when it’s going to be done, but you can’t say because you don’t know when the other person will get it to you, and you don’t want to throw them under the bus. This course is all about what to do in this situation and finding the right balance between being persistent and being a downright pest.

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